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Commercial Management Services | Houston

Commercial Management Services

Our Preferred Management Services team works closely with Associations and Managers. We tailor programs and services to help boost value and ROI while streamlining operations. We provide solutions for a wide variety of commercial properties, including business office parks, mixed-use developments, commercial condos as well as retail centers.

See below for a list of the services Preferred Management Services provides and reach out to us for any questions.

24-Hour Emergency On-Call Service

Preferred Management Services provides a 24-hour on-call service. If there is an emergency, you want to know someone is there to take care of your property.

Standard Management Agreement with Board Approved “Preferred Management Services” Option

We give you options. We provide a standard management package but we also offer additional choices that you are able to request any time. This allows you to pay only for the services you need.

Vendor Contract Oversight

We offer vendor services oversight to assure the work is done accurately and in accordance with the approved proposal prior to authorizing payment.

Compliance Inspection

Our Preferred Management Services team performs property inspections, landscape walks, and violation monitoring regularly throughout your commercial property.

Meeting Attendance

Our Preferred Management Services team is available for monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly meeting attendance.

Accounting and Assessments Collection

Our degreed accountants and experienced support staff will handle all the accounting functions of the Association. We’ll prepare and mail the monthly billing, following your policy on collecting assessments as strictly as your board requires.

Policies and Procedures Development

Preferred Management Services will assist customers with the creation of policies and procedures as needed.

Monthly Reports

Preferred Management Services will provide you with monthly financial statements, and other financial reports and property inspection reports.

Annual Budget Preparation and Long-Term Planning Assistance

Preferred Management Services can help your board members develop and monitor a plan for your reserve fund and also assist with the preparation of the annual budget for approval.

Questions & Additional Information

Want to know more about our services and about how our Preferred Management Services team can help? Reach out today.