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Developer Consulting Services | Houston

Developer Consulting Services

Our Preferred Management Team can provide the innovative and customized management approach that you need as a developer to craft a unique identity and a coveted lifestyle for your planned communities. Whether you’re planning a mixed-use master-planned community, a residential 55+ adult community, or a single-family community, we can help. Our team will work with you and your partners to provide tailored programs and guidance and will assist during each phase of development, from ideation to completion, to transition and beyond. Our involvement ideally starts during the mapping phase, prior to the recording of the governing documents, to identify potential problems.

See below for a list of the services Preferred Management Services provides and reach out to us for any questions.

Budgeting and Financial Planning

Preferred Management Services will work with your team to develop a budget and fee schedule to maximize dollars and provide a solid framework for completion.

Governing Documents Review

Our team can assist with the creation and review of your Deed Restrictions, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

Architectural Planning

Our Preferred Management Services team can assist in the development of architectural guidelines and procedures.

Development of Policies and Procedures

Preferred Management Services will assist customers with the creation of policies and procedures as needed.

24-Hour Emergency On-Call Service

If there is an emergency with your property you want to know someone is there to meet those needs — we provide a 24-hour on-call service.

Vendor Contract Oversight

We offer vendor services oversight to assure the work is done accurately and in accordance with the approved proposal prior to authorizing payment.

On-Site Inspections

Preferred Management Services performs regular inspections of your property and common areas.

HOA Board Election and Training

Our Preferred Management Team will coordinate the election and training of a Homeowner Advisory Board of Directors for them to assume control upon completion of the developing phase.

Questions & Additional Information

Want to know more about our services and about how our Preferred Management Services team can help? Reach out today.