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Homeowners Associations Services

Preferred Management Services’ commitment to excellence and professionalism along with our AAMC® designation is your assurance that the Association will be managed to the highest industry standards. Our team will work closely with your Manager to oversee the community operations and function as the Association’s liaison to provide guidance and support to the Board, Manager and other team members as required.

Currently, our team manages several communities in Houston and in surrounding areas.

See below for a list of the services Preferred Management Services provides and reach out to us for any questions.

24-Hour Emergency On-Call Service

If there is an emergency with your property, you want to know someone is there to meet those needs — we provide a 24-hour on-call service.

Standard Agreement with Board-Approved “Preferred Management Services” Option

Preferred Management Services gives you options and offers tailored management packages. You can start with our standard agreement and request additional services at any time. This way, you only pay for what your community needs.

Vendor Contract Oversight

We offer vendor oversight services to assure the work is done accurately and in accordance with the approved proposal prior to authorizing payment.

Compliance Inspection

We can provide oversight and guidance to the Manager with respect to deed restrictions, modification requests and new construction review with state-of-the-art GPS-guided software utilizing tablets in the field. We also assist with the covenant compliance by reviewing, mailing, and maintaining the violation report.

Meeting Attendance

We are available for monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual meeting attendance. We can also attend meetings for non-contracted association on an as-needed consulting basis. You choose what’s right for your community.

Billing and Collection Assessment

We can prepare and mail the Association’s assessment in accordance with the governing documents. Preferred Management Services can also work with the Board of Directors to enforce the approved collection policy.

Board of Directors Education Opportunities

We offer education opportunities for the Board members to provide a deeper understanding of all aspects of association management. Courses focus on such topics as finance, law, governance, and communications.

Corporate and Legal Matters Assistance

Preferred Management Services can act as the registered agent for the Association so that all corporate legal matters are handled swiftly and professionally. The entire Board is notified immediately upon receipt of any service.

Policies and Procedures Development

We will assist the Board of Directors with creating policies and procedures that work within the governing documents of the association to keep property values as high as possible.

Architectural Application Review

We will process both standard improvement applications as well as new construction applications. All applications are scanned directly into the homeowners account as a permanent record.

Long-Term Planning, Goal Setting and Annual Budget Preparation

We assist the Board of Directors with long-term planning, goal setting and with the preparation of the annual budget.

Monthly Reports

We provide the Board of Directors with monthly financial statements, other requested financial reports and deed restriction reports.

Financial Oversight

Our Preferred Management Accounting degreed accountants and experienced support staff can handle all the accounting functions of the Association including daily review of bank balances and bank accounts, annual audit facilitation, account receivable billing and collection, revenue forecasting and more services as needed or requested.

Communications Services

We can prepare and send all communications and notifications as needed and requested by the Association.

Community Website and PreferredLink App Access

We provide an individual website to each contracted client, allowing members to log in and view the account history (including assessment and deed restrictions), track pool tags, make online payments, view community calendars, the association’s governing documents, as well as the approved budget and the financial reports.

Questions & Additional Information

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